Giving away handi-accessible Octoplus Trio’s

I will be giving away Octoplus Trio’s to anyone who has lost the ability to use their right arm. It’s an 8 key artsyio layout with dedicated space bar, backspace and shift keys and a Cirque trackpad.

This is my way of giving back. Let me know if this interests you or if someone you know is interested. I will also be designing a right-handed version, depending on the interest in the left-handed ones.

There are no strings attached. No shilling. No recommendations. I truly just want to donate my time the only way that I know how.

Just reach out to me on Instagram. @keyboarddweebs

Thank you for your time.


4 thoughts on “Giving away handi-accessible Octoplus Trio’s

  1. Hi Alex, nice to meet you. I am Valentin from Argentina.

    I have a tansradial amputation of my right arm, I lost it in an accident with a truck a few months ago.

    I am very happy to know that you exist and I can see the love you put into this type of work, I did not know that the ARTSEY/ardux keyboard existed, because in Argentina with our import laws this type of hardware does not reach the market.

    I want to participate in the giveaway but regardless of that, in parallel I want to give you something back on behalf of the people you help, I can’t contribute much but at least I want to send you 50 dollars or so, do you have paypal? ?

    My Reddit is Kudaze and my instagram is valentin_vdia.

    Have an amszing day, you rockstar.

  2. Hello Alex
    I found you in youtube.
    My girlfriend is a Amelia from her birth she has only her right limb. She loves computer and always feel difficult in typing. i want to present this keyboard and thats the reason why i am participating in this giveaway. and the Problem is I can’t contribute more but i can send you something

    You can reach me via mail i will be mostly online there

    have a good day and god bless person’s like you

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