Here is a list of every keyboard related thing that I have made. The list will just keep growing.

Crowboard – 36 Key unibody ergo keyboard that uses a Raspberry pi Pico.

Budgy – 34 Key split ergo, diodeless keyboard based on Raspberry pi Pico

Ostrich – 34 key unibody ergo keyboard based on Raspberry Pi Pico with canted MCU, OLED, and rotary encoder. Diodeless with the help of mcp23017.

Quetzal – 100% Unibody ergo keyboard based on rp2040 Zero.

Frigate – 34 Key unibody keyboard with Cirque trackpad based on rp2040 Zero.

Macro Macro – Large gaming Macro Pad based on RP2040 Zero.

Dweebs Macro Mini. – A macro pad that is designed for gaming.

Cassowary – This is a hitbox style fight stick that utilizes the Raspberry pi Pico.

Dweebs Mini – 40% keyboard with some extra keys.